What a load of Rubbish

Things that we take for granted or discard in a blink become the raw materials for a sculpting masterclass.

Running Wild isn't only about the physical 'letting down of the hair' but very much the stimulus to let your imagination and creativity run free too. How about making striking sculptures from what we'd usually see as rubbish. Believe it or not there's a very active art movement who work solely with rubbish. There's even a dedicated 'Museum of Rubbish' in Russia, brimming with unique and wonderful creations.

Nearer to home you could check out the 'Plastic Bag Polar Bear' at the Eden Project, Cornwall. Or the genius, trash shadow-art of duo, Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Or for a masterclass in recycling plastic kitchen products see Sayaka Ganz for her amazing animal sculptures. It may make you look differently at your utensil drawer and just maybe the potato masher and slotted spoon could encourage you to have a go yourself. If you did, we'd love to see the results.

To see more from the artist visit sayakaganz.com