Yakety Yak,
please write back

Pens (or computers at the ready)...

Get involved with our Christmas short-story competition, write us a story of a maximum of 500 words entitled....

'My Friend the Yeti'

To help get you going you could start your story by imagining the location, then think about your friend the Yeti, is he big or small, is he friendly to everyone? How does he speak, what’s his name and where will you take him? Who will you meet along the way, can everyone see him?

Plan ahead and make the story your own. You could fill it with other interesting characters, make something big happen in the middle and remember to plan your ending. But don’t make that bit too obvious!

Entries close on 25th December and the best one will be posted on Facebook for everyone to read.

Submit your stories to us via email at marketing@whitestuff.com