Yeti Doodle

For this year's Christmas cards, think outside the box

The Christmas silly season is nearly upon us. A time where we spend a small fortune on the usual boxes and boxes of Christmas cards, often the same as everyone else. So we're thinking, how about making your own, or encourage the kids to anyway.

Some inspiration please, we hear you scream. Ok, how about trying the doodle style that flows from the pens of Jon Burgerman.

His technique of flowing doodles look great fun to do. He includes curves and jagged-angles, he overlaps lines and sees what jumps off the page. Try and create trees or a mountain complete with a Yeti, if it doesn't work first time, try again. You can add extra detail likes eyes and mouths, once happy colour it in.

Then upload to one of the many online card printers to produce your totally unique Christmas cards. Everyone will love them! So would we, so stick us on your Christmas card list.

Be inspired by Jon's Art at