Yeti, Set, Go!

Time to put your best foot forward and trance the competition

The Yeti just loves to tease us by leaving giant footprints in his wake, which got us thinking about a really cool game for the kids, Yeti Racing.
First get the kids to cut Yeti-sized feet out of some cardboard, try making the corrugation run from toe to heel, they are less likely to buckle when run in. Then make 4 small holes in the middle of the cardboard foot, spaced either side of a typical kids sized foot* (best let Mum or Dad do that bit). Thread with some string or wool and strap them on. Ha! Your bare feet are now bear feet! Oh, decorating the toes is a great idea too. We’d make some spares as there will be foot casualties.
It’s now time to head outside. Kick off with a simple, yet frantic Yeti-Dash and progress onto a Yeti-Obstacle-Course, use things they can go over or under, form a circuit and let the races begin. Back indoors you could play hide and seek, but your feet will stick out if you hide behind the curtain. Maybe have some Yeti themed snacks afterwards.

You will need:

  • Marker Pen
  • Craft Knife
  • Cardboard
  • Ties


Draw a large yeti foot on the cardboard, make it nice and big and cut it out. (Position the corrugation toe to heel).

Punch 4 holes in the middle of the foot.

Flip the foot and draw around it on another piece of cardboard, then cut out the opposite foot.

Make as many as you need, plus some spares
Thread ties through the holes and strap them onto your feet and off you go!