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Louth and LIVES

2017 was a record year for LIVES, the charity supported by our Louth shop team.

Last year 60 people a day were helped by the LIVES charity, which trains and supports volunteers to get to medical emergencies speedily at a time when rural roads and a disperse population prevents ambulance services arriving as quickly as they would like.

Formed in 1970 following a horrific road accident on the A1 at Catterick, LIVES was set up by two Lincolnshire doctors to develop the services of a voluntary group of doctors who would be available to attend road traffic accidents to provide assistance to the emergency services.

'Our customers were very keen off the mark to talk to us about LIVES and the fantastic work they do around our local area and Lincolnshire to help save lives every day,' explains Evie Dodds from our Louth shop.

'We only opened the shop 15 months ago, but when we had finished collecting votes for our partner charity the majority was overwhelming and so our partnership with LIVES begun!'

'We love that the team are so passionate and creative about their support for our cause,' explains Amy Rose from the charity. 'The customers are so warm and welcoming and supportive too. The opportunity to raise our profile with local customers in Louth has been extraordinary.'

In 2017 LIVES ran a campaign to teach as many people CPR as possible across the county. Now, if you think that CPR and fashion wouldn't mix, you'd be wrong.

'Our biggest event was our CPR fashion evening where customers were able to come after hours, shop the new collections with fizz and nibbles and learn some valuable CPR skills'

Evie Dodds, White Stuff Louth.

'Our relationship with the Louth shop is really positive and the team really got behind it and it really helped us to smash our target,' adds Amy.

'They are a really friendly bunch who always have time for us and want to get involved,' Amy concludes. 'I know our local volunteers are always very welcome whenever they pop in to the shop to buy something.'