We meet Lauren and Adam on a quiet canal in rural Warwickshire. Moored here (for now), they’re a young couple travelling across the country on their quintessential, yet surprisingly stylish, narrowboat. On a grey January Monday, they tell us all about life aboard The Raman Rose.

So, what led you to your lifestyle?

Lauren: I remember Adam and I were living at my mum’s house and I was gardening. It was springtime. My mum arrived back from seeing a friend that lived on a narrowboat and said she could imagine me doing that. I had my fingers covered in dirt at the time, my big thing was having a garden. I needed a garden. So I immediately said no, but then I thought about it a bit more. If I’m living on a narrowboat, my garden is huge. Everywhere is my garden.

Adam: When Lauren and I finished university, we packed a backpack and took a £10 bus to Amsterdam. We then decided to hitchhike from London to Asia. We crossed 26 countries by land and got as far as the Turkey–Iran border. Throughout this time, we were hosted in cars and homes by thousands of strangers around the world and essentially borrowed all these little bits from their lifestyles to come home and create our own dream lifestyle. That has eventually translated into living on the boat, working for ourselves and connecting with communities.

What’s your favourite part of the boat?

Lauren: The living area! (And the bathroom, but that’s only because of aesthetics). The living area is cosy, with the fire. It’s the space to ‘be’ in.

Adam: It’s also because of the memories and experiences we’ve created there. The number of crazy different things that have happened in here. From having loads of people round, dancing on the couch and drinking, to having sacred meditations… in this tiny compartment, so many things have happened.

What do you love about your lifestyle?

Adam: Each boat is like a mini world. You look at the canal and there are just these big, rusty, still vessels. But inside they are all decorated so differently. Like people, each one has its own story and journey. In the winter, you see smoke coming out each chimney and you know that person has woken up, they’ve got their fire on, they’re warming up. You get this general sense of similarity and community.

Lauren: It keeps life exciting. You’re always taking your dog for different walks, you’re meeting new people in the local village, you’re getting to know a new local shop, a local pub. Every different village and town is unique and we get to see that, take the best bits and bring those into our own lives.

How would you describe your style?

Lauren: I like to wear a lot of colour. It brings me joy and happiness. Usually, you get a really good reaction from other people when you turn up in something colourful. It makes so many people happy and that’s what makes me really happy.

Adam: My personal style is influenced by nature. I tend to wear tones that fit with seasons. I like to replicate the energy of how nature is in that moment.

How would you describe your life?

Lauren: Fun, loud, adventurous and easy.

Adam: Spontaneous! By living on a narrowboat, we’re essentially just creating a life we want to live. I spent a lot of time trying to fit into society and the construct we were taught when we were younger. But I realised I feel most happy when I feel free. For me, feeling free is being able to be out in nature, moving around the country at my own pace, while still having the safe space of my home as I move around. Of course, there are days that aren’t perfect, but I think everyone could benefit from stripping life back like this.