While grabbing a few things jeans. My need to buy bread but still want to look good jeans. Who knows who you might bump into jeans. Stop for chat on the way back jeans. My oh thanks, they're new jeans. Double, triple, quadruple denim jeans. My every kind of blue jeans.

These are my Sunday best jeans. My dress code: no jeans jeans. My flat white blue dress. This is my waiting for a friend denim. Watching the world go by denim. My one more cup of coffee for the road denim. And a slice of cake.

These are my easy rider jeans. My 0% Lycra jeans. My actually, it's a jumpsuit jeans. My Tour de France denim. Goes well with a yellow jersey (and handbag) denim. Dog walking carrying denim. My keep on rolling denim.