We make clothes for everyone

But that don't look like everyone else's. Pretty dresses with practical pockets. Cosy knitwear in vibrant colours. Ageless styles for women, men and kids.

We design all our prints in-house, inspired by everything from fine art to architecture. We love natural materials like cotton, wool and linen (especially when they're responsibly sourced). We keep an eye on trends but we don't just follow fashion. We want our stuff to be worn season after season. And we think it's good to stand out from the crowd.

Because life would be dull if we all looked the same

Which is also why we try to stand up for the independent spirits. The ones who run their own race. Who put themselves out there, and don't mind too much if their thing isn't your thing (because it'd be boring if we all had the same thing). We travel the country meeting interesting people. And photographing folk with great personal style. And we try to use models you won't have seen everywhere else. Including some of our own customers.


White Stuff started life in 1985

Our ski-loving founders, George and Sean, had the idea of selling T-shirts to fund their stays in the French Alps (the "white stuff" is snow, in case you were wondering). Six years later, they opened a shop in Battersea, South London, the first of more than a hundred across the UK and Germany.


The things that make life interesting. Like the hand-painted designs on our dresses and tops. Unexpected textures and unique embroidery.

Colour combinations you might not think of. Hidden details like contrast stitching and secret pops of colour. And of course, making sure everything fits as well as it possibly can.

It's about trying to do the right thing

By the planet and its people. Using better, more sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and EcoVero viscose (and making sure they're fully certified by independent bodies). Being the UK's biggest fashion retailer of Fairtrade Sourced Cotton.

We're all over the place

In 130 shops and concessions in the UK. From St Ives to Inverness. And a few more in Germany and Belgium. We're opening new shops all the time. And we're always on the lookout for new wholesale partners who see the world in the same way as us. We're also online (obviously). We've got UK, German, rest of Europe and US versions of our website.


And we're always up for a chat

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