Let's talk walks. Not 'walk' walks. Not the kind you plan for. Where you need hiking boots or a map in a clear plastic case. (Those are great too, but you'll need to go elsewhere for your technical outerwear). Just... walks. Ambles. Aimless wanders. Gentle strolls. The bit in between where you were and where you are now. The walks you do to catch up, or wake up. Or wind down. Because it's nice out. Or because it's only a bit of rain.

We make clothes for those. Cosy quilted coats and comfy, chunky knits. Flowing dresses for frolicking in fields and relaxed-fit jeans for mooching round town. Earthy colours and whimsical woodland prints for getting back to nature (in the local park).

Clothes for walking your own path. For little escapes and low key adventuring. For slowing down and looking at the scenery. For getting out there (for a little while).

Because autumn is for ambling. For finding leaves to kick and sticks to fetch and takeaway coffee cups to clutch. Because outdoors is great (even when it's not, not, you know, 'great’).