Remember the feeling of sun on your skin? Remember short sleeves and light jackets? Remember no jackets? Walking the long way home to enjoy the evening sunshine. Remember picnics in the park? Prosecco and a packet sandwich and calling it a picnic in the park. Remember swimming outdoors? Sleeping outdoors. Remember outdoors?

Remember meeting up with friends? Remember garden parties. And regular parties that spill into the garden. Remember summers full of social events? And full of no social events. Long, hot days with nothing on. Nothing to do but do nothing. With a cold drink and a good book.

This summer we're all about the little things. Little details on beautiful summer dresses. Lying on the grass and watching clouds go by. Sun-bleached shades and faded memories of summers past. Long, cool drinks. Soft, cool linen. Getting away from it all (even if only for a lunch break).