This autumn we’re all about growing our own, doing it ourselves, living the good life. ​And we’ve enlisted the help of interesting people, doing interesting things. Who are living their best lives. Their best ‘good life’ lives.​ Meet some of them here and more on our social channels. Eat your heart out Barbara Good. That’s all we’re saying.​

The giant veg grower

First up, there’s Gerald. Grower of really big veg. Watch him harvest carrots on our Instagram. You’ll be in suspense. Big time.​

The tree hugger

Then there’s David. Who hugged 350 trees to raise money for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, where he’s Curator of the Living Collections.

The on-screen gardener

And Sue. Who you’ll recognise from Gardeners' World. She knows a thing or two about plants.

(She’s an RHS Ambassador and an award-winning garden designer, just fyi).

The food innovator

And Tomaso, a food innovator who’s all about plant-based recipes. And sustainable living.

Add him to your list of fantasy dinner party guests. (He’ll do the cooking.) ​