Causing a Stink During Cupcake week

Release your cooking devil and bake these naughty little cakes. So tasty that once you've had number one you'll be desperate for number two.

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes. Your high street has its own cupcake shop, your supermarket wholesales cupcakes so vibrant in colour that they undoubtedly glow in the dark. They all claim theirs as the best, freshest and most uniquely decorated. Piffle! So to satisfy our taste for cakes and buck this trend, it's time for a cupcake rebellion, where sprinkles and the colour pink are banned.

They should be easy to make, something your kids can take to school, but also something that'll stop their teachers in their tracks as they're unpacked at a coffee morning hosted by the full board of Governors. Your kids will remain safe and immune from any finger wagging from the disgusted ensemble. For it was you, their evil parents who are fully responsible for these tasteless horrors.

They are actually very tasty and will probably go down a storm. Power to the 'Poop' Cupcake!

Make yourself some