We stumbled across these troubling food stats and felt the need to share them.

Over 30% of UK primary school pupils believe pasta is made from meat and that cheese comes from plants*. 10% believe potatoes grow on trees*. 25% think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs*. If this is the case then education and access to fresh, nutritious food is needed and fast.

Fortunately some help is at hand, as we also uncovered ‘The Trees for Cities Organisation’ who are promoting an educational, practical project called ‘Edible Playgrounds’. They are involved in the community and local schools, where they bust these food myths and give opportunities to grow produce yourselves in the ‘great outdoors.'

Why not ask your kids the same questions and if you’re shocked with the answers suggest to their school that they perhaps work up an appetite for an Edible Playground.

*Source: British Nutrition Foundation 2013

Find out how you can dig up a storm at Edibleplaygrounds.org