Get 'Em Off

Spare your titters! How about releasing your most creative inner self whichever side of the easel takes your fancy.

If you've ever considered what would be the ultimate romp on the wild side? I'd imagine volunteering as a life model is right up there,but is it just for the brave?

We read about one such brave volunteer. The usual life model was unable to make it to an RA art class, so the organisers turned to a lady working in the book shop and pleaded until she eventually buckled. She de-robed and struck a pose, knees knocking. She now has 23 years life modelling under her belt, (if she was wearing one that is).

Life drawing classes always need willing models, male or female. So if you too are feeling brave take the plunge and get em off! If however no amount of pleading would get you to strip, then it's never too late to have a go behind the easel, pencil in hand.

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