Guaranteed to put a smile on your face

It's all well and good us encouraging the world to take time out to promote daydreaming if you are in a positive frame of mind, but sadly that may not always be the case. Science agrees that this happy state of mind can influence happy daydreams, so it's crucial that when we close our eyes we take happy thoughts with us. To fend off any negative thoughts that could drag us down we'll need to get an instant, happy fix of positive imagery, that way, when you start to drift these images are firmly positioned front and centre in your head.

Cute puppies and fluffy kittens will always work. So, as a gift from us to you, simply print out one of the pictures above (you'll be either a dog or cat person) and stick it in your purse or wallet. Then, the next time you jump on the train for a draining commute, or are getting ready for a boring meeting, stare at your fave picture for 30 seconds, breathe slowly, think happy thoughts and let your imagination do the rest.

Cats and dogs are always a safe bet but experiment with other happy imagery and see where they take your daydreams.