Rose Tinted

Seeing is believing when you're in
the pink

Looking at life through rose-tinted glasses is a phrase we are all familiar with, but what does it mean? Apparently, it's: 'an unduly idealistic, optimistic, sentimental or wistful perspective on or about something'.

But we reckon there has to more to it than a mere chuck away remark, so we dug a bit deeper.
Studies have found that when you look at things, while in a positive mood, you see more detail, as if looking through a larger window at the world. In contrast, a grumpy mood can generate 'tunnel vision', narrowly focusing us on just what we are concentrating on, and not taking in the bigger picture.

As for the rose tint, it obviously brightens the scene and therefore could put you in a better mood. It also has the ability to screen blue/green light, like you find in fluorescent lighting, that is known to trigger headaches and migraine in people who are sensitive to light.

So whether struggling under the office lighting or just want a little mood boost, simply slip on a pair of funky, rose-tinted glasses, think nice thoughts, and everything should suddenly appear rosy.