Swedish Torch

The latest, next best camping gizmo doesn't grow on trees. Oh hang on, this one does!

Have you heard of something called a Swedish Torch? We hadn’t so found ourselves Googling it. A multi-tool torch wouldn’t have disappointed, but a Swedish Torch is much, much more and perfect on a camping trip.

All you need is a chunky log, a chainsaw, some kindling and some friends. A checked shirt is optional. Stand the log on its end and carefully cut a cross down nearly to the bottom. That’s the prep done, easy!

Make sure the log is stable and about 30 minutes before your guests arrive, sprinkle the kindling on top of the log, light and leave to do its thing. The embers fall into the grooves and slowly burn from the inside out.

A good sized log can burn for up to 4 hours, so plenty of time to cook on top of it and then get everyone around and enjoy the glowing spectacle.

Here's how to make one for yourself...

1. You will need - A log, access to chainsaw, some kindling, matches, check shirt

2. Mark 3x lines on the top of the log, like dividing up a pizza

3. Stand the log on its end and make sure it won't topple. Cut downwards 3/4 the length of the log 3x grooves

4. Put the kindling on top of the log and light. It will burn and drop into the grooves and light the log room the inside. Allow 30mins to get going.