Like watching
wet paint dry

A giant piece of performance art that is
both moving and captivating

The idea of enjoying watching wet paint dry initially sounds like something you’d find boring.

What if the wet paint drying was also hypnotic and mesmerizing, could it be a perfect platform to zone out from, something you could completely immerse and lose yourself in? English artist Ian Davenport’s Poured Lines and Puddle Paintings collection does just that.

There’s something oddly satisfying about watching his paint slowly drip, seeing the linear strips of colour crawl down the canvas, pooling in a colourful mess at the base where it eventually slows and dries.

Ian Davenport created the giant ‘Giardini Colourfall’, an art installation consisting of 1,000 lines of moving coloured paint and a 14 metre wide canvas, at the Venice Biennale and we just loved it.

It’s the perfect backdrop to pitch up in front of and relax in its presence. Just be careful that too long daydreaming in front of this staggering piece of work could mean your own lines of dribble start running down your chin.

As simple as it looks, best to leave it to the artist, and get that thought of recrafting a wall in your dining room right out of your mind as quick as possible.