Julian Mash:


Muswell Hill, North London

Writing has always been important to me. When I was a child I would listen to my dad bashing away at his typewriter late at night, I would creep to the top of the stairs and listen to the rhythm of the keys and the scrunching of paper as he redrafted and threw things in the bin. It seemed such a mysterious art form – how these words were made into books I found fascinating so I suppose I have always wanted to write books and try to figure things out on the page.

I find inspiration in music and films as much as books. I am interested in making connections, unpacking ideas and seeing how they stack up.

I hope people enjoy my work first and foremost. And I hope that reading something I have written sparks something in them or inspires them to further investigation or further thought.

Notting Hill: A Walking Guide
(Notting Hill Editions), published June 11 2018.
Pre-Order from www.nottinghilleditions.com


In a way writing a song is not so different to writing a chapter of a book.