Shirts & Blouses

Blouses are very much day-one stuff on any embroidery course. So when our designers sit down to create a range of women’s shirts that are worthy of your attention, they agonise and obsess over the details to make them special. Things like cheeky little drawstrings give you that tucked-in look without that tight, tucked-in feel. Or the addition of contrasting colours in the stitching or buttons to help guide you towards what to pair it with. These aren’t beginner’s embroidered blouses – this is the work of master craftsfolk who understand the inner workings of your wardrobe. Super soft women’s shirts and blouses. The absolute pinnacle of women's blouses was around the Woodstock generation. All that peace and free love was accompanied by some unforgettable tunics and jersey shirts. While the patterns may be a little less psychedelic, the floaty fit that defines that iconic look is still just as groovy. If ‘groovy’ is still a thing.