A Brand New Home & Body Collection

Introducing our revamped collection, extremely bathroom shelf worthy and totally scent-sational! If only scratch and sniff worked online…

Sure we care about helping you look good, but we want you to feel good too, which is why we’ve
worked with our friends in Yorkshire to give our Bath & Body collection a bit of a makeover.

We’ve given our packaging a style refresh - because who doesn’t need a little jeuje every now and then.

To celebrate the new look, we’ve added a newcomer to range - fragrant Mint, Avocado & Lime.

Not only does the range look great and smell delish, we like to think the scent
combos in our new Bath & Body collection are pretty good for you too.

So, if you’re after some ‘me’ time, a pampering pick-me-up, or looking for great gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Lavender, Mandarin Oil & Citrus Collection

A blissful blend of lavender, mandarin oils and warm citrus, this restful remedy is just what you need for the ultimate wind down. From helping to improve circulation thanks to the mandarin oil, to the relaxing and calming blend of lavender and citrus scents, it’s what lazy weekends were made for.

The Wild Jasmine, Rose & Vanilla Collection

A relaxing blend of wild jasmine, rose and vanilla, our holiday-inspired scent is the perfect choice for a little instant indulgence. Soothing vanilla helps aid restless minds, whilst the mix of relaxing wild jasmine and calming rose help you unwind, whether on the beach or when you’re back at work and in full swing.

The Mint, Avocado & Lime Collection

An invigorating blend of mint, avocado and lime, this perk-up scent will give you a blissful boost right when you need it the most. The scent of fresh mint instantly stimulates tired minds, and when teamed with our harmonious blend of avocado and zingy lime make for a perfect combo of uplifting properties, ideal for Monday morning pick-me-ups.