Travel clothing: the wrinkle-free packing guide

Travel clothing may not be the first thing on your list when you're planning a getaway, but here at White Stuff we never like to be unprepared. Want to know how to avoid the dreaded crease (no iron for a whole week?!) and how to pack lightweight to save on space? Follow our four steps to packing perfection:

1. learn How to pack light

Whether you're flying long-haul or opting for a Summer staycation, we all need a helping hand when it comes to saving space. So when it comes to choosing travel clothing, opt for lightweight travel clothes (yes, we're looking at you linen trousers and cotton tops) over your favourite heavyweight denim jeans.

Plan your travel outfit. Sure you might be tempted to pack that coat for the return flight, but by wearing it to travel in you're not only saving precious packing space, but you'll be covered for the unpredictable weather on the dash from front door to plane door, too.

2. become an expert roller

become an expert roller

We bet you'll never fold your travel clothing again!

Forget everything you've ever learnt about folding clothes and become an expert roller. Not only is it a serious space saver, but rolling is the best way to avoid wrinkling in your clothes - no iron required!

1. Fold in excess material like sleeves so you're left with a shape that's easy to handle. If it's a larger item, then it can be handy to fold it lengthways down the middle too.

2. Begin rolling down from the top, making sure to squeeze the fabric as tightly as possible as you go. Balling up freshly ironed clothes may feel illogical but once you've seen the results, we bet you'll never fold your travel clothing again!

3. When you're done with the rolling, secure with elastic bands to keep them tightly packed with no room for wrinkles.

3. double check

What you can take on
board a plane

Check your bags before you leave. Sticking with hand luggage when you fly can save the costs of checking bags and avoids the tedious carousel collection on arrival, but there are some things to remember if you're only taking a carry-on.
● Your bag must fit within specific dimensions (see below), and there are also limitations to exactly what you can take on board a plane.

● Liquid containers can hold no more than 100ml, so try buying clear containers and decant your must-haves into these travel sized bottles. Taking only what you'll need will save heaps of space and keep your favourite shampoo leak free!

4. bust the boredom

Kids' activity pack

Prepare for the journey. A stress-free trip should run smooth right from the off, but keeping the kids in a confined space can definitely be difficult! Try taking a pillow, packing some snacks and remembering something to keep their minds entertained. Download our kids' activity pack for some fun-filled ideas.

What's your favourite packing secret?

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