Porto: The Print Story

We're a talented bunch here at White Stuff (even if we do say so ourselves). Season after season our in-house design team travel the globe to create one-of-a-kind prints and this season is no different. Sketchbooks in hand, our design team jetted off to Portugal to seek inspiration. Never ones to disappoint, here's what they found.

"We had Azulejo tiles (specific, we know) in mind when we designed the hand-painted print on our Hennie floral jersey tee. We then added our own summer twist with a rust, powder blue and pretty pink colour combo."

"Dreaming of spending your summer in a 19-century mansion with wild peacocks roaming around the grounds? Dream no more. Our Harper dress is inspired by that very sight at the Jardim Botânico do Porto."

"Sure our Viewpoint tee is a pretty top, but look a little bit closer and those decorative flowers aren't just imagined, they're inspired by ceilings, arches and tiles."

"There's nothing like a few architectural arches to get those creative juices flowing and our Perfect embroidered tee proves our point. You see curves, we see hundred-year old buildings and flying buttresses."