On the eve of publishing her third book, Deliciously Ella With Friends, we catch up with Deliciously Ella to find out how she carves the time out of her day to be healthy.

To say that Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella, has been on a journey is an understatement. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness that had left her pretty much bed-bound, she instigated a lifestyle shift which would not only see the start of a healthier way of life, but a blog that would reach hundreds of thousands of readers around the world, three London delis and now her third book.

Your healthy living philosophy really kick-started a greater understanding of wellness in the UK, what do you think everyone has learnt since then?

"Deliciously Ella stands for natural, honest and real food. It’s not about labels, dieting, restriction or rules, and it’s certainly not about the concept of ‘clean’. Despite being labelled as ‘the queen of clean’, I do not use that term to describe what I do and never will. My aim is to share inspiration, because I know that eating well is only possible if it tastes as good and is as easy as anything else."

Living healthily isn’t just down to the food and at this time of year, when the weather’s pretty rubbish and it gets dark at 4pm, how do you give your body a reboot?

"I think feeling good needs to be a positive thing that involves celebrating what makes you feel good, rather than forcing yourself into something you hate. It can always be a bit difficult finding time to really focus on yourself, but even taking simple steps like having a pamper evening, taking a long walk or getting yourself to a yoga class to have a good stretch, can really make such a difference to your mood… and your stress levels!"

What would you say to people who believe that eating healthily requires endless amounts of time?

"It’s all about the food you choose to make. Eating well for me is about simple, everyday ingredients like oats, carrots, beans and potatoes, rather than ‘superfoods’. I try to focus on recipes that celebrate these ingredients, using herbs and spices to enhance the flavours."

And Deliciously Ella With Friends is a great extension of this belief...

"I think there’s a misconception that eating well is all about sitting at home on your own eating kale salads, and I wanted to show that that wasn’t the case. It’s all about beautiful meals that you can share with your family and friends. Of course you don’t have to share these meals, there are lots of easy ideas for one, but they’re all designed to be delicious, familiar and accessible."

What’s next for Deliciously Ella?

"There’s always so many exciting projects which we are constantly working on at Deliciously Ella and The MaE Deli. Our big focus now is our product range, we have two more flavours that we’re adding to our line of natural energy balls in the spring, and we’re planning to release some new products later in the year. We’vealso got a fourth deli in the works, so lots to do!"

Deliciously Ella With Friends is published by Yellow Kite priced £25