Hunters & Heels’ Magical Christmas Traditions for Children

There’s nothing quite like excitable kids to get you in the mood for Christmas, which is why we’ve asked guest blogger Lauren from Hunters and Heels to share the magical traditions she’ll be celebrating this year with her two little boys, Ollie and Rory.

We used to think that being a child at Christmas was the best thing ever…well it turns out HAVING children at Christmas is. Seeing the magic through their eyes, there’s nothing like it.

When do our children stop believing? How long do we have the magic for? I think we all hope that time is very far away, and even when it’s gone, the belief can be replaced with the fondest memories and sweet traditions to pass on.

This Christmas, little Rory will be only 9 months old, but Ollie will be two-and-a-half, the perfect age for us to start some really special traditions I hope he will remember for the rest of his life. We’ve already made a start…. I couldn’t wait…so here’s some of the ways we’re making Christmas magical for our boys this year…

Waking Up to Wonderland

Christmas for me is about the perfect mix of tradition and surprise. So last week, while Ollie was at nursery, I decorated a white twig tree (we picked up from our local garden centre) with the sweetest handmade decorations.

These adorable felt characters are beautifully made, each one oozing personality. The tiny details like the specs and scarves that really make them heirloom worthy decorations that will gather more and more magic with age.

That evening, after his bath, Ollie wandered into his bedroom and let out a shriek of excitement. He was blown away by all the new additions to his room, his eyes wide, examining each of the beautiful woodland creatures and giving them names I’ll never forget that moment.

Waiting for the Fairy

Bedtime Stories

I love making up stories for the boys. My tired mind used to find it so hard to come up with something imaginative, but I had lots of practice when Rory arrived and I didn’t always have two hands to hold a book. I’ve come to the conclusion that practice makes perfect with impromptu story telling. Every night, we curl up together and make up stories, not just any stories though, our tales are all about the creatures on the tree and the adventures they have while Ollie sleeps peacefully.

Taking Notes for Santa

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

The age-old English tradition of kissing under mistletoe is one of our favourites. Springs of fresh mistletoe would be hung in farm houses and men were allowed to kiss the ladies under it, each time taking a white berry (which happen to be poisonous by the way). Once the berries were all gone, there could be no more kisses. We’ve hung this pretty felt (not poisonous) mistletoe bunch above Ollie’s bed so I can steel as many kisses as possible. Even better, is that we will never run out of berries!!